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Sobriety Gift 60+ Gift Ideas for 2024

One of the best gifts for addicts is encouraging them to get into treatment for long-term recovery. We Level Up Treatment Center provides world-class care with round-the-clock medical professionals available to help you cope. All are working as a team giving intervention services and information on all aspects of treatment. Call today to speak with one of our treatment specialists. Many of them know what you are going through personally and can answer any of your questions.

The person I gave it to a said it is a useful tool that encouraged him to put his thoughts down on paper. If you’re doing your recovery right, one day at a time, then this is probably how you feel and this is the perfect mug for you! Oh 1 year sobriety gifts wait, are we supposed to be shopping for other people right now? This mug is available in a few places, but we like this seller on Etsy best. Following sobriety, many former users will become more in tune with charity and volunteering.

Make a booklet of inspirational sobriety quotes

If your loved one is still using alcohol or drugs problematically, we can help them here at Renaissance. Even better, your loved one can commit to recovery without needing to head to residential rehab. You may be aware that your loved one is finding it hard to juggle everything as they transition from rehab into sober living. Buy them some new fitness equipment in line with their interests. From some new weights or yoga gear to a paid gym membership, encourage your loved one to continue embracing a healthier lifestyle on all fronts.

sobriety gifts

You may put together a set of recovery books that your loved one can refer to during difficult times. As you can see there are countless sobriety gift ideas for people in your life maintaining recovery. Just because they’re sober doesn’t mean that this has to be hard. Focus on who they are and what they like and you should be able to find something that they will be interested in. Luckily, there are a number of easy gift ideas that you can use for your loved one who is sober. Not only will it help you show your loved one that you care about them, but it also shows that you support them on their road to recovery.

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Below are a few great gift ideas for the sober person in your life. Sobriety gifts can be given anytime during a person’s recovery journey. They aren’t limited to a certain timeframe and there’s no “wrong” time to give one. Yes, being 1 year sober is a huge accomplishment, but anyone who decides to get sober is someone worthy of celebration at any given time. If you’re on a budget, maybe one of the best sobriety gifts for her is something you make.

sobriety gifts

This guided journal includes space for daily gratitude, reflections on progress, and thoughts on challenges faced. But when the occasion is very significant, your gift requires careful deliberation, and picking the perfect gift becomes much more difficult. At Renaissance Recovery our goal is to provide evidence-based treatment to as many individuals as possible. Give us a call today to verify your insurance coverage or to learn more about paying for addiction treatment.

Men’s Sobriety & Addiction Genuine Crystal Energy Bracelet

You can buy an AA or NA book from the artist, or ship her one of your own. In fact, art therapy is becoming an alternative care option in many treatment centers to help patients deal with addiction-related issues that come with sobriety. For people that want to continue to work on their art following initial treatment, it can be expensive. In my experience as a beauty and wellness writer, there are few ailments a spa day can’t fix. Make her a facial or massage appointment at The Well in NYC. I go there myself whenever I can because they offer mental health services as well as substance use support.

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